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We Keep Hiring Human

LBF Strategies brings a hybrid of its recruitment and coaching expertise to offer Recruitment Strategy Consulting to startup and small businesses.

Partnering directly with executive management and HR professionals, LBF Strategies works with companies to help them better understand, evaluate and determine their talent acquisition strategies and hiring needs so that they attract the right talent for their teams.

LBF Strategies offers consulting and support in the areas, including but not limited to, staff planning, role creation, job description writing, recruitment marketing, interview processes development, candidate vetting, offer negotiations and on-boarding.


  • Recruitment Best Practices

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Candidate Vetting

  • Interview Process 

  • Reference Checking

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“Our people are the most important asset, without them we are nothing. Finding Lisa to be an extension of who we are, what we represent in our mission and values, is key. I would not entrust many outsiders with such an important role unless they earned it and she has, 5 times over to date.” – Shannon, Vice President, Administration, Washington, DC.”



“Lisa Frank is an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us find the perfect match for our company. Lisa is professional, strategic, talented and drives success. Always going the extra mile, Lisa guided us through the recruiting process with sage advice while patiently answering all our questions. Lisa’s attention to detail and expertise resulted in several candidates that fit our available position. We’ve worked with other recruiters who didn’t meet our expectations. But Lisa exceeded our expectations 10 times over!  While we thought it could be a difficult undertaking, Lisa’s jumped right in, providing creative ideas and counsel to ensure the candidate met our requirements and fit in with our company culture. I highly recommend Lisa for all your recruiting needs and will definitely tap into her expertise for our next search.”



“Lisa was a wonderful colleague and gifted communicator. She is bright, articulate and incredibly talented, bringing all of her marketing and communication talents to the vast world of recruitment. Lisa is a consummate professional and I strongly recommend her for your talent acquisition or career connection needs.”



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