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  • Lisa Frank

#TalentTuesday Kick-Off

We are excited to kick-off our #TalentTuesday series!

Through #TalentTuesday will be showcasing Public Relations & Communications talent that are currently on the hunt for their next great opportunities.

#TalentTuesdays will make it possible for PR & Communications talent to share their experience and bring their resumes to life through video and storytelling. To approach the job market in a more human way. #WeKeepHiringHuman

We are excited to launch the series with Communications & PR Director, Rena Ramirez.

Not only is Rena an exceptional external communications and media pro, she is really an amazing human - the kind you want on your team!

Proactive, passionate, determined, results-oriented, business-minded and relationship-oriented.

Take a listen to her story here, and let us know if we can help you to connect to Rena!

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