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Frank Reflections: Relationships

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

This week, I’ve found myself reflecting a lot on the silver linings and lessons gleaned from this unimaginable moment in time.

One thing I keep coming back to is “relationships.”

The relationships I have and am extra grateful for right now.

The relationships that have become stronger because I’ve MADE more time for them during the past three months.

The relationships that need more attention.

The relationships that have changed.

The relationships I could improve or revive.

And, the relationships that are/will be established as a result of this unique time.

Frankly Speaking: The longer we are apart, the more I’m driven to go the extra mile – to make it more of a priority than ever – to cultivate, nurture and invest in my relationships. To remember that we are all humans. All vulnerable. All dealing with our own stuff. And, are looking to each other for support, guidance, options, solutions and even some inspiration. I hope I never forget this feeling.

I’ve always encouraged my clients to go out and meet/reconnect with 5 new people.

This week, I’m taking my own advice, and I challenge you to do the same.

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